Top Things You Didn’t Know About Sugar Daddies

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People assume that what they think they know about Sugar Dating is the truth universal, but there is a lot about the Sugar scene that people often misunderstand or wrongfully assume. Many of these misconceptions are about Sugar Daddies themselves, so we are here to give you the facts and uncover some real truths about your next Sugar Daddy.

Why do Sugar Daddies go into the lifestyle?

Most Sugar Daddies go into the Sugar Lifestyle simply because, so called ‘vanilla’ dating is just not for them. A lot of Sugar Daddies will admit that they prefer to enter into relationships purely on their own terms, holding all the cards. They like to state up front the level of commitment required from them, as well as what is to be expected of their other half. They have something unique to give, namely their wealth and generosity, and in a mainstream relationship there would be a lot more expected than just that. That is not to say that Sugar Daddies don’t care about their Boys – of course they do! However they like to show this side to them when and where and how suits them the most.

Are all Sugar Daddies much, much older than me?

This is a very common misconception to those outside of the Sugar lifestyle. Ten or twenty years ago the majority of active Daddies were in their 60s+ because it was at this age that most were at the top of their success and able to afford the lavish gift giving that Sugar Boys adore. But now, it is 2019 and times have moved on giving people huge success in their fields at a much earlier age. You may find a Daddy who is in their early 30s for example, and most will range up to around 45-50 years old.

Do all Sugar Daddies want the same thing from their arrangements?

The short answer is, ‘not at all!’. Not all Sugar Arrangements are going to be the same, for many reasons. Just as all ‘vanilla’ relationships will vary from couple to couple so will Sugar Arrangement Relationships. Some Daddies

will prefer to give a monthly allowance of money for their Boys to use at their leisure, others will prefer gift-giving as a way of spoiling their Boys and others again love to spend their money taking their boys on holidays, paying for college tuition or helping them build a career. As well as these differences, not all Sugar Daddies will be able to spend the same sum on their boys, some may be able to gift you with $5000 or more each month, others may only be able to provide up to $2000, etc.

How much should I expect to see my Sugar Daddy in person?

Time constraints are another popular reason for men to get into the Sugar Dating lifestyle. When someone is at the peak of their career, earning enough to be a Sugar Daddy, it is most likely that this will mean long working hours, international business trips, working through the night or being out of reach for days or weeks at a time. Therefore, the arrangement with a Sugar Boy suits them as they can still shower their other half with gifts and money, text or video chat, while conducting their business that allows them to do so. Many in the Sugar lifestyle find that it is often the same for many Sugar Bos – either they are at the start of a career or growing business where time is not their own, or perhaps they are studying and require many hours a day for their work.

Will I be the only Sugar Boy in my Daddy’s life?

This is something else that is very particular to each and every Sugar Daddy. Some might be able to afford to lavish multiple Boys with a big allowance or many gifts, others might have less but still prefer to have a few Boys who expect less than one who expects a lot, and some Daddies will just want to focus their little free time and whatever finances they can on the one special Sugar Boy. It is important to be upfront about whether any of these types of arrangements are a no-go for you, just as it is important for Daddies to be up front about any already established arrangements and how that would impact you.

Hopefully we have debunked some common misconceptions about Sugar Daddies and answered some questions that perhaps, you didn’t even think to ask. IT is always important to go into an arrangement with open eyes and a full understanding. Good luck on finding your perfect Daddy!

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