Deal Breakers for Sugar Boys

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As a Sugar Daddy, you want to win over the heart of a Sugar Boy who will tend to all your needs and meets your requirements. Same goes the other way around. Just because you are older, wiser and has more life experience doesn’t necessarily mean you can call all the shots.

Sugar Boys can have their own special requirements when it comes to picking Sugar Daddies. Having a set of preferences is a good thing for both Sugar Boys and Daddies. Not only does it help you find the perfect match, but it also gives you the freedom to say ‘No’ to deal-breaking behavior and personality traits.

If you don’t want to scare him off or be rejected, here is a list of dealbreakers that is best to avoid:

Being Boring

You can’t expect the Sugar Boy to do all the entertainment. You have to take part in creating a fun and exciting environment for both of you. When you sit back, waiting for the Sugar Boy to do an entertaining dance you’ll scare him off.

Both of you should enjoy spending time together. That means each one should contribute a little bit of spice to create an amazing connection. When you showcase your care-free and youthful side, he will be even more attracted to you.

Not Setting Up An Agreement

Both of you really enjoy spending time together and it seems like you could move towards the next step – a relationship agreement. When taking too long to talk ‘business’, the Sugar Boy might see it as disinterest.

If you want your Sugar Boy, you need to come to an agreement of relationship terms that suit you both. Prolonging the agreement process may have you end up spending Friday nights alone.

Don’t Take “No” For An Answer

Whether it’s another date, another drink or another kiss if you can’t take “no’ for an answer you are showing disrespect to your Sugar Boy’s decision.

Both parties should feel safe and comfortable and pressuring a companion to do something that they don’t want to only pose as a warning sign and will most definitely scare off any potential Sugar Boy.

Too Much Drama

A little gossip can be fun, but if you are surrounded by a cloud of drama it can push away your Sugar Boy. Being overly negative towards people in your life or your life itself can create a really uncomfortable evening.

There’s a difference between talking about things that bother you at work or in your personal life and having bad verbal diarrhea about everything around you. A Sugar Relationship should be a relationship where there’s no drama involved, it should be care-free and fun for both parties.

Too Much Drinking

There’s nothing worse than a sloppy drunk date who should be looked after. It’s all good and well if both of you get a bit tipsy to take the edge off and have extra good time. But having one too many drinks and acting like an improper drunk can really put a lid on things.

Have fun without throwing up all over the floor and slurring your words while trying to order yet another drink.

Not Admitting To Being Married

If you are married, with or without children, happily or unhappily. It is something you have to mention to your Sugar Boy. Hiding the fact that your hitched can end up in a bad situation.

For some Sugar Boys married Sugar Daddies are total dealbreakers. So being upfront and open about your marital status from the start is a great way to find someone who will be okay with you being married.

Being Rude or Offensive

A little bit of fun banter and teasing can go a long way. Being rude or offensive can cause a relationship to break as soon as it has started. Don’t be rude and don’t undermine the intelligence or potential of your Sugar Boy.

Rather act like a mentor or leader than a plain prick. Being a gentleman shows your character and it can attract your best Sugar Boy match.

Remember that a Sugar Relationship should be enjoyable for both parties. It’s a space where you should feel safe and have a care-free time. Both, the Sugar Boy and the Sugar Daddy, is responsible for the success of the relationship.

Don’t feel demotivated if one of your requirements is another’s dealbreaker. You will find someone with the same ‘relationship terms’ like yours.

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