Here’s why your Sugar Baby profile might be holding you back

sugar baby profile

Are you struggling to find a Sugar Daddy who seems interested in your profile and wants to form a connection? Don’t despair, its not you… it’s likely just your profile not being up to scratch.

Here are some tips to tidy up that profile and have Daddies flooding into your inbox!

Is your profile complete?

This may seem like a strange and silly question but a lot of people may leave out portions of the profile either because they think it’s irrelevant to them or that they have accidentally left it blank. An incomplete profile can cause people to not be interested as it may show you aren’t serious about looking for a relationship or that you were rushed or paying a little attention when setting it up.

Sugar Daddies take the Sugar lifestyle very seriously – and so should you! So, make sure all areas of your profile are complete and full of your unique personality

Are you linking other webpages on your profile or advertising anything there?

No Daddy wants to click onto a cute Sugar Boy’s profile and see that every opportunity has been taken to link to a different social media profile or to some other web page either personal or advertising related.

Sugar Daddies may eventually want to look on your Instagram or Facebook pages, but initially they want to be able to read about you and look at the photos on your GayArrangement profile, keeping initial contact there. Make sure you don’t waste space on your profile linking pages that won’t likely be clicked on and will cause the men you want to talk to, to dismiss your profile.

Is your profile the best quality it can be?

Although we don’t expect everyone to be able to upload their darling Sugar Boy faces in Ultra 4k HD, it is still the best idea to use a picture of the best quality possible. By that we don’t mean that you have to look or dress a certain way etc, simply make sure your photo is not blurry, not cropped poorly and shows your best side!

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Are you keeping your location information uptodate?

The last thing you want is to pique the interest of the perfect Sugar Daddy only to find out later into the conversation that you actually are based miles from each other, all because you are not keeping your location information up to date.

Whether you are a frequent traveller, have just relocated for work or study, or even have let location services on a mobile device set your location without checking it’s accuracy – you should always keep an eye on this bit of your profile to make sure you are matching with the most accurately located Sugar Daddies.

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Have you any offensive content on your profile?

This, again, may seem like a very obvious thing to avoid, but some people out there have a lot of opinions on a lot of things, some more socially

accepted than others. Firstly, avoid foul or overtly crude language, simple as that. Secondly, just as potentially offensive topics should be avoided on a first date, they also should be avoided on your profile, it is unlikely that a Sugar Daddy will want to open communication with you if you are stating something racist, sexist or transphobic for example.

Are you making crazy demands within your profile?

Some people like to state in their profile some of the terms of the relationship type they are looking for, and while this is absolutely okay, you want to avoid making huge demands right up front. For example, do not state that you are looking only for a Sugar Daddy who will give you a ridiculous sum of money each month, or demanding to be bought expensive cars or flashy holidays etc. Sugar Daddies love to shower their Babies with gifts and money and experiences where possible, but will likely be put off by one who feels such entitlement right up front before even getting to know anyone first.

Are you being truly yourself in your profile?

If you get lazy when filling out your profile, you won’t interest any Sugar Daddies at all. Your profile is the representation of both you as a person and you as a Sugar Boy, and to make sure you stand out from the crowd you need to be unique and as authentic as possible. What doesn’t work is using generic statements to create a profile, so try to avoid saying things like “I enjoy the finer things in life,” or “I am looking for a Daddy to spoil me”. Be original!

Are you coming across as a charity case?

This may sound harsh – but let us explain. It is true that some Sugar Babies go into the lifestyle having immediate needs like college tuition or overdue rent etc, and many Sugar Daddies will be glad to help in these situations as long as this is not the sole reason for joining GayArrangement and talking to potential men.

So, if there are particular things you would be looking for Sugar Daddies to help with along the course of your relationship don’t advertise it on your profile, save it for a later conversation regarding the terms of any potential relationship so that Daddies looking at your profile don’t think you would be looking to get a certain amount of money from them before you bail on the arrangement.

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