Things to Remember on Your Search for the Perfect Sugar Daddy

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Dipping into the world of Sugar Daddy relationships can be very overwhelming and intimidating, especially if you’re new to the scene. Regardless of how well-versed you are however, concerns over finding the perfect Mr Right are on everyone’s minds – so here are some top tips on how to find the perfect man for your Sugar Boy needs:

First Impressions really are everything

An online profile has to make a great first impression. It’s your online persona and what will attract those Daddies looking to make you their Sugar Boy. The three areas of making a first impression that you need to keep in mind are:

profile photo

your profile bio and

your first message to each.

Your profile photo should not be altered or faked in anyway, you want your SD to see your picture and not be confused when they see you face to face. You want to appeal to the SD audience by being your best dressed and avoiding too much nudity. Wear your most expensive clothing and if you can, take the picture somewhere lavish.

Your profile bio is the next most important part of your first impression on our website. You need to be your best self here, don’t give false information to make yourself seem more appealing as it will only end up in disappointment. Instead talk about your best qualities, your hobbies and interests for example. Talk about what you like to do in your spare time and how you want your Daddy to join you.

Lastly, keep up the high quality in the first message to any Daddies you are interested in. Be consistent with the things you have mentioned in your profile. Be to the point and make sure you are showing interest in them as much as you are trying to boost your own image.

Follow up Those First Impressions

It is important that as well as having an excellent profile to gain interest from Sugar Daddies, that you also maintain this excellence on your first meeting. Continue to look your best, unless your Daddy has requested you dress in a specific way, make your maximum effort to look your best. Wear something that both reflects your personality and looks good – but try and make it a different outfit than you showed in your profile picture.

Be Open and Honest – Just be Yourself

Make sure that from the very beginning you have an open and honest dialogue with your Sugar Daddy. This will be the best way to maintain a long and lucrative relationship with them, playing games will only get you so far and it is guaranteed that any Sugar Daddy will get bored quickly of childish behaviour.

Have a Little Patience

Finding the perfect Daddy will take some patience on your part. Be prepared to talk to many to find the perfect guy. Some inexperienced Babies may be tempted to snap up the first offer that comes into their inbox, but the important thing is to read each profile carefully and find the Daddy that suits you and what you want best. Use private messaging, text or chatting apps to have long conversations with the men you are interested in to make sure the decision you make is the best one.

Keep Track of Those Prospective Daddies!

This may seem as something that is simply common sense, but hear us out! Just as suggested in the previous tip, it is important to talk to a number of different men so you can find the right one for you. While doing this make sure you keep track of who you are talking to and what the conversation is about. While no Sugar Daddy is foolish enough to know that you will be playing the field until you choose your man, there is no bigger turn off than being mistaken for another prospective suitor!

Know Your Boundaries!

There are many different types of relationships between Sugar Daddies and Babies and so it is important to understand what each of you want and expect from your arrangement and to set out any boundaries from the start, making sure they are clear to both parties. Boundaries and ‘rules’ to consider will include; financial arrangements, levels of intimacy, anonymity and what you call each other when you are chatting online and when you are together.

There are so many tips to share about looking for and finding a great Sugar Relationship, too many to cover in a blog post in fact, so why not reach out to others online who are already established Sugar Babies and ask them for any advice they could pass on.

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