X-rated Sugar Date Ideas

You want to be in his mind forever! After spending one night with you, he should want to come back for more, lavish you with gifts, and then come back for seconds, and thirds, and… you get it.

Creating an unforgettable date night for your Sugar Daddy starts with you. Be open-minded, easy-going and most of all – adventurous!


sugar boy getting ready for date night with sugar daddy

He chose to spend a night with you, to feel young and carefree. Bring along your sense of freedom and youth. Be adventurous, carefree and fun.

Chances are your Sugar Daddy is powerful and successful. Yes, he likes having fun with you, but you should also show him that you have plans for your own future. That you will put his money to good use.

He will treat you good when you provide him with the necessary privacy. Respect his professional and private life. This night should feel like an escape for him. Without you invading his privacy.

It’s extremely important that you present yourself as eye candy. Wearing old briefs won’t get the juices flowing. Dress to impress by putting on his favorite cologne and wearing something tightfitting. If you’re feeling daring put on some extra sexy underwear he can discover throughout the night.

X-Rated Date Ideas

Sex in Public

Nothing gets the blood flowing like having sneaky sex somewhere where you could get caught. This does not include the house of a friend or family member.
Try going to the beach and finding a secluded spot amongst the rocks, ravish each other with waves crashing next to you. Parks or next to rivers can be a bit risky, but highly rewarding. If you don’t feel like getting wet or dirty, park your car near a remote point and enjoy each other in the safety of the car (you can rent a big vehicle with tinted windows for extra privacy and space).

Yacht Sailing

Sailing on the ocean has never been this fun. Rent a luxury yacht and go sailing along the coastline. Gaze upon the sunset and teaze your Sugar Daddy while wearing a skimpy bathing suit. Sip on cocktails and share intimate stories before kissing in the open air under the stars.

Skinny Dipping

Even if skinny dipping sounds old school, it remains an adventurous experience. Rent a house with a jacuzzi or pool (preferably with corners the two of you can swim under, a waterfall feature will be a bonus). Undress each other before jumping in.

A Night Out

sugar boys dancing

Going to a Martini bar followed by dancing in a club can serve as blood boiling foreplay. Make your Sugar Daddy feel extra enticed by dancing in front of him and dancing on top of him. Get a little bit tipsy and let your hair loose. Instead of going home for desert, book into a hotel room that has a room full of toys; mirror on the ceiling, a few whips, and other treats.

Culture Trip

If your Sugar Daddy enjoys feeling cultivated, teach him something he doesn’t know. Go for a private cooking class and eat what you’ve made afterward. Sexy dancing lessons with a famous choreographer, dance for him afterward. Take him to a wine or whiskey tasting and let him try new flavors of anything – don’t forget to give him the chance to taste whiskey from your mouth.

Wildest Fantasies

Erotic Sugar boy in Shower

Rent a whole house near the ocean, or with a view of mountains. A place where you can be alone and private. Have fun sexy games set up in each room. Going from mild to extremely hot. Start with, for example, gaze into each other’s eyes for 1-minute, then kiss each other’s ears.
Have rooms where your Sugar Daddy can demand you do anything for him. Let the game escalate to even more raunchy acts prolonging intercourse for as long as possible.

Being a Sugar Boy can be a lot of fun, you should be a great companion to your Sugar Daddy, and in return, he will be excellent company for you too.

Think out of the box and make things exciting. That’s what it’s all about – have fun!

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