Worried about the potential issues of dating an inexperienced Sugar Baby?

Logging on to browse the profiles of all those Babies looking for a Sugar Daddy, you might notice that there are a lot of inexperienced young guys out there. Sure they are cute and ready and willing to enter into their first arrangement, but you might still be hesitant… Are there any potential problems with dating a total newbie to the community?

Today, we’re going to look at a few questions you might have when encountering an inexperienced Sugar Baby, and suggestions on how to confront these worries. 

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Q. This guy doesn’t seem to know what he wants, what should I do?

A. This is something that can definitely be very frustrating for any experienced Daddy. A profile may have really caught your eye with a cute picture and great initial impressions, but then when a conversation is initiated he’s all over the place.

It may be a case that he just isn’t sure what he’s looking for in the Sugar Scene and perhaps jumped in head first before doing some research, or maybe he set up his profile with a specific goal but has since changed his mind. Either way, there are two possible solutions to the problem, the first is to cut your losses and move on, maybe you don’t have the time to hold a Sugar Virgin’s hand through the process and that’s okay, just explain your situation and part ways.

The other solution takes time and communication. Explain what you can offer in the arrangement and how things might go, ask him what questions he needs answered and talk through them. Then, if you still feel that he is someone you could connect with, take things slowly. To begin with, offer small amounts of sugar while they are testing the waters – this way you won’t lose out or feel like time and money has been wasted if he chooses to go another way or leave the community altogether.

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Q. I think this Baby just wants my money, and he is coming across very ungrateful. How do I approach this?

A. It is never good to feel like you are simply running the Bank of Sugar Daddy, with no other reason behind being in that arrangement. Giving your baby their allowance or buying them monthly gifts etc. is a big part of any Sugar Daddy arrangement, but if your guy isn’t grateful or willing to give any time or energy in return, then you can be left feeling pretty used and understandably upset.

This can often be a problem with inexperienced Babies. Sometimes new guys can be too timid to ask for what they want or need from a Daddy the first time, but often inexperienced Sugar Babies can assume that they can ask for any terms and expect to be handed it first time.

These aggressive requests can be very off-putting and is often a result of them not knowing how to negotiate a discussion of expectations. A frank conversation about how you expect them to request their Sugar and how they should expect to receive it from you will often clear this up as it is usually just their ‘new-to-the-scene’ confusion. However, don’t be afraid to discuss ending an arrangement if you feel it is a case of the Baby being ungrateful and uncooperative.

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Q. I’m keen to respond to a new Sugar Baby that I’ve seen, they are attractive and their profile says all the right things… but something about talking to them seems very impersonal. What should I do?

A. When a new Sugar Babies profile seems great, but at the same time a little ‘samey’ and impersonal it might be because they are a bit of a ‘Copy & Paster’. What we mean is that they have found online some advice for the ‘perfect’ phrases to say to win over a Sugar Daddy, used these to form the ideal profile and then used copy & paste to quickly and easily respond with the exact same thing to each Daddy who shows interest.

Perhaps a seasoned Sugar Daddy can draw these Sugar Virgins out of their Ctrl+C shells and find the true Baby underneath. We suggest asking direct and personal questions to find out as much as possible about their true personality while letting them know that it is far better to be themselves if they want a bit of your sugar!

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