Why Every Straight Man Should Try Being Gay For A While


Ready to be gay?

Are you a frustrated, heterosexual man looking for some excitement in your life? Are you tired of hearing “There’s plenty of fish in the sea?” Then it might be time to try some new things, with your own half of the fish in the sea!

Let’s throw away the labels of gay and straight, let us instead focus on pure pleasure! Experimenting with men will open up new doors of excitement and pleasure. Here are a few reasons why you, as a heterosexual man, should try going out and exploring the homosexual lifestyle:

Playing on Common Field

Let’s be real here, you’re both men who both possess a penis and a prostate! No need to worry about a G-spot when you’re with a gay man. You know how to pleasure yourself and how to make yourself feel good, so why not share your knowledge with your new male lover? After all, no one knows how to pleasure a man better than a man.

Make New Friends

By dating a gay guy, you can now enter into a whole new social network. You can get to meet new people and make friends that you might never have been able to before, and it might even help you get a new perspective of the world and the issues the LGBTQ community face everyday. Trying the homosexual lifestyle will provide you with some of the strongest friendships that you will ever ever know.

Exchange Clothings

It’s not easy exchanging clothings with your girlfriend. When you’re a straight couple, you most likely have different bodies, and it’s most likely the girlfriend who gets to borrow your outfits, or more specifically, your precious sweaters.

However, when you decide to date a man, you both get to share twice the closet of clothing! Now you can finally feel the warmth of borrowing a loved one’s sweater.

Satisfy Your Curiosity

Everyone are a little bicurious. We all have wondered what it’s like to be with someone of our own gender. By dating a gay guy, you can finally satisfy your bicurious desires and experience pleasure that you would never experience with a woman.

And finally:

You Might Like It!

How do you know if you don’t like it unless you give it a try! Who knows, you might not even be with women again after this experience, and you might even find your true love. It’s true that there’s a lot of fish in the sea, but there will be even more fish in the sea after you try the gay lifestyle.

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