Why Age Difference Is A Good Thing Between A Sugar Daddy And A Sugar Boy

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Age difference between man and woman is seen as natural, so why is it not between a gay sugar daddy and his sugar boy? Because it sure should be!

So, my dear sugar daters on gayarrangement.com, trust me when I tell you that you will gain more by being proud and happy by showing off your relationship to your surrounding environment. In the end, nasty comments only come from people because of jealousy, because they don’t understand your relationship, or both.

Why is it that three out of four marriages ends badly these days? Can age be the reason? No. It’s rather the LACK of age that’s the reason.

Compared to women, men age at a lot slower rate. Can men find a way to create harmony in the home if they mature so slowly? The answer is of course: Yes! But it might just take longer for some than for others.

Therefore, if you’re a young sugar boy who are still maturing into a grownup, then you can benefit a lot by dating an older, more mature man. He will be a friend, a lover and a teacher that you can always come to and ask questions regarding life, choices and opportunities.

And to all the sugar daddies out there, it might benefit you as well to teach a young gentleman how to become more mature. It will strengthen the trust in your own relationship while you get to help your sugar baby to prepare for the future and for the hardships that life has to offer. It also be worth mentioning that a younger sugar baby could also allow you to open you up to new experiences and provide you with the innocence and the fire of being young and happy!

Therefore, the next time someone judges your sugar relationship because of the age difference, know that you both go through an educational and fascinating experience that not a lot of people dare to try. Just remember to keep up with your responsibilities as sugar daddy and sugar baby and learn something from one another, and people will look up to your relationship for the exciting opportunity that it is.

If you are older than 45, I recommend that you look to date someone who is at least 20 years younger than yourself, as most people go through a confusing and financially difficult time in their early to late 20’s. If you’re 60 years old, then a 30 year wage gap is even more highly recommended.



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