What Is Gayarrangement.com?

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Gayarrrangement.com is a Gay owned and dedicated online dating platform for gay sugar daddies and gay sugar boys. Contrary to other similar websites, Gayarrangement.com is only directed to gay dating and successful mutually beneficial gay relationships. With a pool of over 100000+ members, Gayarrangement.com makes it easier than ever before, for gay men find the companionship that they have longed for.

Gayarrangement.com comes with an array of features and terms, ensuring an optimal browsing and matchmaking experience for sugar daddies and boys. Easy to navigate and user friendly site layout makes it a pleasing experience for anybody visiting our site.

How To Sign Up:

The Signup process is pretty easy and straightforward, and we can promise that Gayarrangement.com isn’t a site that’s going to keep you away from the real thing for too long. By providing us your basic information, you can get on to the real thing in just a few minutes. Alternatively, you can further simplify the process by integrating your Facebook account with your profile. It’s quick, easy and simple!


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As soon as you sign up, you can get familiar with the members area and understand the different features to extract the best value from it. Multiple filters and options make the procedure of searching your ideal daddy or boy seamless. While browsing, you will never feel that you are on a dating site; It just feels like another social media site, abundant with people who share a similar taste in relationship with you.

Your Personal Profile:

Your profile should be a reflection on you, so it will benefit you more to invest a good amount of time and be fair about who you are and what you really want, and don’t try to sugar coat aspects your personality. This way you are in a better position to meet someone who is ready to accept you for who you are.

In addition to the description section, where you get to mention your primary traits and preferences with respect to your potential partner, there are adequate sections to depict you and your expectations from the match.



When you sign in, you are welcomed by the recent happening on the forum via your newsfeed, which is pretty much similar to any of your social media networks. You are updated about recent activity on the forum by other members, and you can also see uploaded pics and view what other members have to say through your newsfeed, as well as see what other people are commenting.

If you’re signed up on our free membership, you will not be able to comment, nor interact with other members through the comment section, as this can only be done once you are a VIP member. The VIP membership allows you to know what other members are up to and share your own interests so your acquaintances can be steered in the right direction.

Quick Search:

Quick Search helps you find the members that you are interested in really quickly. It utilizes some really important filters to record your preferences for your partner, and displays relevant results to you in seconds. You can then view the displayed profiles and choose what best suits your taste, and location and online availability are just some of the further options on Quick Search.

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Advanced Search:

While Quick Search displays fast results, Advanced search allows you narrow down your search to few results, saving you the time and effort spent viewing and analyzing various profiles manually, making your search process a lot easier and less time consuming.

While viewing other profiles of members, you can also follow, message or “wink” to them, as well as bookmark profiles that seem to captivate you the most. Other members are also entitled to do the same with your profile. However, Gayarrangement.com will never let your privacy or security being compromised, and any inappropriate behavior from members can be reported or blocked, restraining them from any further interaction.

While the free membership is alone pretty much overwhelming, your daddy or boy search is taken to another level with the upgraded version. Receive the true value for your efforts and money as Gayarrangement.com ensures you a rejoicing outcome.


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