Is Sugar Dating Basically Sex Dating?


The answer is NO! It’s not sex dating.

There are the stereotypical views that assume that sugar dating is all about sex when that clearly is not the case.

Why do people too often assume that Sugar Dating is all about sex? Does the word “sugar” the same as sex? No. Is “sugar” a synonym for sex? Definitely not. Although everyone can see that these words are clearly not the same, it is still too often mistaken as dating that is all about sex and money. After all, if a gay sugar daddy only wanted sex from his sugar baby, then he could simply terminate the relationship and turn towards male prostitutes. It’s therefore important to finally clear out the air and explain what sugar dating really is, and by the end of this blog post, you will no longer mistake sugar dating for sex dating, and you might even want to give it a try!

When people think of a Sugar Daddy, most people imagine an old man trying to find some fun, when in reality, a Sugar Daddy is simply a gentleman who has full control of his life and his finances. He is experienced and mature enough to understand that his sugar baby is not just a plaything, but a human being with feelings, dreams, and desires, and he is there to assist with any means of support as his Sugar Baby needs.

The sugar baby is there to help get his Sugar Daddy out of his shell. They are there to spice up the everyday life for a Sugar Daddy and comes up with crazy and innovative ideas on how they should spend their time together.

Sugar Dating is all about the relationship between a Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby. It’s relationship, not a service, meaning that both of the partners agree on how the relationship should work according to their expectations. Sex is just a part of it and comes naturally, much like in any other relationship.

And now you know! Enjoy finding your perfect gay sugar daddy or gay sugar boy! There’s plenty of rich Sugar Daddies on that would love for a gay sugar baby to spice up their lives.


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