7 Gay Sugar Daddy Messaging Mistakes


Some Sugar Daddies may want to keep their Sugar Arrangement private for personal reasons, but even if that is not a worry for you, keeping your anonymity to a certain extent is of vital importance – especially in the early days of a new arrangement. This is for a couple of reasons:

Most obviously this is because you do not want to share your real personal contact information, bank account details or address with someone you have not yet had a chance to feel comfortable with and build trust for.

Another reason is that, sadly, the Sugar Lifestyle is still something that is viewed with a certain amount of skepticism and stigma. If the people in your life are unlikely to understand the arrangement you are in, you do not want your Sugar Baby turning up, calling or messaging you if it will cause difficulty in your personal life.

In order to help keep your mind at rest, here are some tips on ways to keep you, your information and finances safe.

Get a Sugar Daddy email

Create a new email to sign up to Gay Arrangement and use that same email to contact your Sugar Baby. Although we keep all your information under strict privacy, after initial contact is made through our website you may want to move to email to talk to your new Sugar Baby. You may not want to use a personal email that’s linked to any social media accounts, and we definitely discourage using a work email. So, using a Gay Arrangement exclusive email address will keep you and your information safe.

Beyond email

When it gets to the stage of texts and phone calls you may still not be 100% comfortable with sharing your real number, and that’s okay! There are so many apps on the current market that allow you to text and call online like Skype, or apps designed to give you a secondary privacy number that redirects all contact to your private mobile number like PhoneHub.

Use a second bank account

This is not simply designed to keep Sugar transactions hidden from friends and family, but it also gives you peace of mind that any Sugar Baby cannot access funds that are not their own allowance. It also stops the more serious worries of account fraud.

Go pre-paid

If a secondary bank account is either not something possible to open or not something you want to go into the hassle of setting up then

using a prepaid credit card is the best solution. On this card, you can load your Baby’s allowance safe in the knowledge that they have no access to your details and cannot overspend.

Keep photos private

This not only gives you an air of intrigue on our website, but it means that you can control who has access to seeing who you are. As well as this, be mindful of what photographs you use on your profile if you’re not wanting any contacts on the website to know more about you. We live in an online focused world where pictures can be reverse searched and anywhere else online it is used will be found during a simple search.

Talk it out

Honesty and communication is a really key factor when navigating a happy and healthy Sugar Arrangement. When it comes to protecting yourself and your privacy, being open is so important, you and your Sugar Baby should be aware of each other’s circumstances of being in that arrangement. It is best to know whether it is a monogamous situation, whether you both are out of the closet, who knows about the arrangement in each other’s lives. This way they cannot overstep any boundaries and potentially leave you in a harmful situation.

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