How To Send That First Message


How To Get Started

What should you write to a person you do not know? How do you know how to fit the perfect message together? Is it really possible to get to know another person online? All of these questions will pop into your head on your first day of online dating. To get you more prepared to find your true love online, Here are tips for you so that you can maximize your chances of meeting a suitable partner via messaging!

You are sitting by the computer, and you’re getting ready to write your message- and there is no poet in the vicinity who can write it for you. But do not worry – Writing that first message is actually not that difficult; As a matter of fact, it can even be quite fun if you’re relaxed and you know how to sell yourself via messaging!

Begin With Asking Questions

You want the recipient to reply to your message, and you want to find out if you are on the same wavelength. You can avoid mistakes if you remember to be yourself. For example, this is a perfect sample of being a little too straight in that first message:

“Hey sweetie, send a picture to me!”

Wow! Calm down there tiger, you don’t even know this person yet. It is unlikely that such a request from a stranger will be welcomed, much less answered. The best way to start the conversation, is to simply ask a question. Ask the other person about something you read on their profile. This shows that you took the time in reading their profile instead of just messaging them because of their looks. Keep it interesting, and try to be as open and honest about yourself as you can. If the recipient is not going to like who you are in those messages, then they’re definitely not going to like you when they meet you in person.

More About You!

Naturally, your messages also should be about you, but remember that it is better to reveal too little than too much in the beginning. Try to get the other person’s interests instead of being boring. Avoid overlong explanations about your cons, fears and shortcomings. This also applies to far too lengthy explanations about your successes, “… and then I won the first prize in the athletics competition in elementary school.” *Yawn.

Finished messages that you send to several people at the same time, can be used only at the beginning but when you start to get personal with one person.

You should also minimize what you might call a monotonous dialogue about the things in your life that is a little less interesting, such as what you did today and what you ate for lunch or breakfast.

DON’T Do This…

Here are a few do-nots for those who are not looking to completely destroy the possibility of a date:

Expressing pessimistic thoughts about dating online, or about yourself, “Actually, I do not believe that it is possible to meet someone online. It feels like people are more or less crazy.

Expressions like “I hope that you won’t delete me at once” may be honest, but the reader will wonder why you think they should do it. Getting to know a person online works much the same way as in real life. Find similarities, give honest but not too many compliments, and use a light and funny tone instead of a heavy or negative tone.

Your interests and hobbies are much better topics than talking about old boyfriends or sexual tendencies. There are subjects that you probably would not choose to discuss in real life on the first date, and this applies to the first contacts online too.

And there you go! Good luck on your online adventures! Hopefully, your true love is out there.

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