How To Protect Yourself From Online Frauds


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As more and more people are beginning to turn towards online dating to find true love, this has also also attracted more fraudsters to dating sites.

With the growth of online dating, there’s no wonder that scammers on these types of websites have grown explosively in recent years. However, this should not discourage you from trying online dating, for the same reason that you shouldn’t be afraid of leaving your house in fear of getting robbed.

Online dating provides more opportunities for you to find a partner, and much like when you meet people outside, you just have to use your own common sense and be aware that fraudsters does indeed exist.

Therefore, this is a compiled list the most common warning signs, as well as tips for safe dating on the internet.

Warning Signs

Here are the most common warning signs that you need to look after while online dating:

The profile is not from your country, or the person works abroad and have no family or relatives in your country. Usually it is also that they purport to be an American soldier. These people could also be immigrants who wants to get into the country.

Look into the profile pictures. If the photos look too “perfect” they are most likely stolen from the web.

Move to a different private chat. Beware when the person comes off as charming and want early on in the conversation to move move to a private chat, such as Skype.

The person continuously repeats himself/herself. Something is wrong when the person doesn’t seem to be consistent with what he/she has told later in the conversation, and the messages are additionally incoherent.

The fraudster asks a lot of questions, but avoids answering your questions.

The fraudster cancel the date or doesn’t appear, or can’t afford to pay for the trip and ask you to pay for the trip.

They start asking for money. Once these scammers has gained your trust, they will suddenly appear in trouble, such as stuck in customs at the airport, and quickly need money and says that he has no other to turn to.

Desperate measures. Beware when the person becomes more and more desperate as soon as you don’t agree to send money. They may even start to threaten you.

How To Protect Yourself From Scammers

Always trust your instincts. If the date appears too good to be true, it probably is so.

Select a dating site that costs money. Questionable people choose first and foremost free websites.

Never give out personal information too early in the chat-room. This can help scammers to find out or steal your identity. Be patient at the beginning and don’t give out your e-mail, phone number or home address until you are absolutely sure that the date is genuine.

Never send a person money or card information.

Choose a public place that you’re familiar with for your first date. This will ensure your safety and you will know how and where to leave.

If you suspect that you’ve been chatting with is a scammer, report the person to the dating site’s customer service. Always get in contact with the police immediately if you have been the victim of a fraud.

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