How To Tell If Your Sugar Date Is Interested In You

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We’ve all been there. We all have been on that first date and we end up liking the person, but we are unsure if they also are interested? Thoughts, such as: “Am I being weird?” “Am I being funny or exciting?” “Is my date at all interested in what I’m saying?”, all pop up in our head and makes us even more nervous. No need to fear anymore! Here are a few ways in which you can tell if your sugar date is interested in you:

Look into the eyes
Look your sugar baby or sugar daddy in his pupils? If the pupils are large, it means that the person is interested.

Look at the hand movements
Does your sugar baby/daddy tend to do a lot of hand movements while they’re talking? This can sadly be because he’s not interested, but rather a bit restless. If the person has his hands still and appears to be relaxed throughout the date, then they are definitely more interested and want to listen and engage in your conversation.

The way he’s standing
If you stand close to each other while talking, but tend to get shy and back down, then you’re showing some romantic interest in one another. To stand opposite each other when you’re talking very intimately automatically displays interest and a willingness to get closer to one another.

What’s his posture like?
Does he emphasize his muscles and tries to stand straight while you guys are talking? Congratulations! You are in! If a sugar daddy/baby is interested in you, they usually tend to straighten their back in order to show off their body shape or appear more confident. Someone who’s not interested tend keep their body closed and more slouched, displaying disinterest in the date.

Does he have a lot of energy?
When you are interested in someone, you tend to show more energy and commitment when you’re talking. You lean forward, smile and try to ask questions because you want to keep the conversation going. If your sugar date appears to have a lot of energy and interest in your conversation, then congratulations! He’s interested in you!

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