How To Prepare Yourself For Your First Sugar Date:

drawing a heart on the sand - homosexual couple walking on the beach on a romantic date
drawing a heart on the sand – homosexual couple walking on the beach on a romantic date

When you have found the perfect match online, it’s time to move on from the messaging and phone calls to the next level, namely real life sugar date. A first date is always nerve-wracking, whether it’s your very first Sugar date or not, so here are a few tips to help along the way.

Define Your Date
First of all, it’s important that you both agree on what you mean by a date. What do you want to achieve from your relationship? Are you looking for a short-term or a long-lasting relationship? All of these questions are important to answer before you meet on your first date. It’s also important that you agree to meet in a place where both of you feel comfortable.

Pick The Right Outfit
When picking an outfit for your first date, think about what kind of date you are going on. Is it a dinner date? Formal or trendy? Think about where you are going and how others might dress. Choose something that fits the context, but at the same time you are, so that you feel comfortable.

Go Through The Profile
Before hit the road towards the date, it’s smart to do another read-through of your sugar daddy’s/baby’s dating profile an extra time. Refresh your memory and try to remember some of the small details that you can bring up when you talk. It can also be good to prepare some questions to ask during the date.

Relax And Have Fun!
Lastly, but perhaps most importantly: Sugar dating should be fun! Remember that you both have agreed on this meeting, and that you both are currently in the need of one another. Take a few deep breaths, smile at yourself in the mirror and remind yourself to relax and enjoy yourself. Even if your date isn’t the Mr. Right that you had wished for, you can have a fun night and learn something new from one another.

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