Here Are The Gay-Friendliest Vacation Spots In The World:

Looking for a great gay-friendly destination for your next trip?

We all know of the gay-friendly atmospheres of London, Berlin, Sydney and San Francisco, but they’re not the only destination that offers the LGBTQ community a little something extra. Here are a few scenic gay-friendly destinations that you need to visit next time you go on a vacation:

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires  has long been a hub for LGBTQ people in Argentina – and many neighboring countries as well with San Telmo, the oldest barrio, being undoubtedly the number one “gaybourhood” with tons of gay-friendly cafes, bars, clubs and nightlife.

Argentina was the first country in South America to introduce same-sexmarriage, and it’s still one of the world’s most progressive countries when it comes to LGBT rights.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague may be Eastern Europe’s most welcoming destination for LGBT people. While same-sex marriage is still illegal in the country, gays, lesbians and bisexuals all have the same legal protection as straights.

Even though there are no gay neighborhoods in
Prague in general, there are lots of gay-friendly venues around town, including cafes, saunas and sex shops scattered all over the city.

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City is perhaps the most gay-friendly city in Central America and it has a solid reputation for being a hedonistic party town, with clubs, bars and dance floors for every possible taste.

Mexico City has had its own Pride festival since 1979, and nowadays, The Pride is visited by hundreds of thousands of people, making it the largest of its kind in Central America. While transgender people may have it a little harder when it comes to acceptance, gender reassignment has been legal since 2008.

Lima, Peru

Peru not only has the world’s best reputation when it comes to LGBT rights, but the capital of Lima is another favorite destinations with a lively community, and several dedicated venues.

Miraflores, a wealthy neighborhood in the south, are just one of many famous “Gayborhoods” in Lima with bars, clubs and sauna clubs, and you can’t leave the city without visiting El Parque del Amor, a Gaudí-inspired park on the edge of the cliff that’s dedicated to love of all kinds.

Munich, Germany

While Berlin is the hotspot for gay people in Europe, there is a star-city in the south as well. Munich is the capital of Bavaria, one of Germany’s most conservative states, but the city itself is extremely tolerant and progressive.

The popular Christopher Street Day Parade, which has been held in June every year since the 1980’s, is the main gay event every year with all sorts of participants from the LGBTQ community. Another fun event is the Gay Sunday of Oktoberfest, where thousands of gays in traditional costumes drink-liter jugs of beer and party all night long!

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