7 Reasons to Date a Sugar Daddy That has Nothing to do with Sugar

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There are more to daddies than their sugar. Don’t get me wrong, the sugar is a huge appeal. Who among the gays doesn’t like to be pampered? I am firm believer that we all deserved to be spoiled from time to time. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Still, to boil sugar daddies down to that one component, doesn’t do them justice. There are so many more perks to dating an older, gay man.  Here are seven reasons, that have nothing to with money, as to why you should date a sugar daddy!

1. The stories

Remember what is was like partying in Studio 54? The Limelight? No? Neither do I, but they sure do. They’ve lived through previous iconic gay eras. They lived through the AIDS crisis. They lived through the early gay liberation movement. They remember Fire Island and Provincetown from decades ago and can tell you stories of what it was like. You get a little slice of queer culture that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to when you date a sugar daddy.

2. They’re straight up sexy

Silver Fox. Muscle Daddies. Polar Bears. We have so many names for various types of older gay men because we find them so attractive. Gay men are like fine wines. The more we age, the finer we become.

3. They’re no drama

Young gays love drama. We live for the drama. Older gay men have dealt with drama and are over it. They’re passed that stage in their life. It’s nice to be with a man who’s not passive aggressive, who doesn’t gossip behind your back, and who addresses issues straight on. Older and more mature sugar daddies do just that.

4. They have a solid friend group you can join

Many sugar daddies have been out for literal decades. So by now, they have a strong, close-knit friend group that you can become a part of when you start dating them. It’s immediate friends that have already been filtered through your daddy, so you know they’re good guys.

5. Help you with your career

If they have the sugar, then you know they’ve been successful. They’ve worked hard, excelled in their career, and earned their money. Surely, they not only can impart some wisdom when it comes to your career, they can also set you up with connections who can help you further your career and pursue your passion.

6. The sex

I’d be remiss if I didn’t say anything about the sex. You know the saying practice makes perfect? Well these guys have more than a few years on you and have been honing their sex skills for a while now. They’re not passive in bed. They know what they want. They know how to move. They know how to have fun.

7. It satisfies your “Daddy Issues”

Too real? Let’s be honest for a second. Gay men have daddy issues. We have some serious Oedipal Complexes when it comes to our fathers. Is dating a daddy the healthiest way to deal with these issues? Probably not. Does it work, abso-freakin’-lutely.

So I say it’s high time to get out there and find a sugar daddy. Because at the end of the day, the sugar is just the icing on the bid ol’ daddy cake.

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  1. It is so awesome that this is a place of love and caring for boys and men to meat ♥


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