7 Gay Sugar Daddy Messaging Mistakes

message mistakes

Communicating with your Sugar Boy, especially when you’re new to the Sugar Daddy business, takes some tact and effort. It’s important that you know how to ask for certain things and how to initiate a conversation to avoid being embarrassed or even worse, rejected.

Just as much as you want the perfect Sugar Boy as a companion, Sugar Babies want to pick the right kind of Sugar Daddy for them too. It goes both ways.

Here is a list of seven messages you should never hit the ‘send’-button on if you want to win over a Sugar Boy

1. “I, I, I…”

Texting is a two-way street. You need to find out information about your Sugar Boy’s personality and interests, just as much as you need to share yours. Bombarding them with messages where you only talk about yourself can be extremely off-putting.

You can imagine a Sugar Boy thinking that if he will have you as a Sugar Daddy, he will have to sit hours on end listening to you talk about yourself – and no one likes that.

Be genuinely interested in him too and reply to what he told you with follow-up questions. In return, share stories about yourself.

2. Being Insulting and Offensive

Be respectful, if you don’t like something he said, just let it be. Going on a verbal abuse rant won’t be productive and will only make both of you feel horrible.

If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Sometimes, two people aren’t compatible. Don’t force it, if you don’t like him, find someone else and don’t look back.

3. One-word Messages

“Ok”, “Jip,” or “Yes!” aren’t messages. If you reply with short, one-worded texts your potential Sugar Boy might think that you’re not interested in talking to them. You could also seem like someone who isn’t easy to talk to and come across as rude.

Make the conversation easy by using longer sentences. Give an answer and ask a follow-up question.

4. Confusing One Sugar Boy for Another

This is the biggest faux pax that should be avoided. If you are talking to so many men, that you start confusing them with one another, you should probably dial it down a notch.

“Oh, sorry, that wasn’t you, it was someone else.” Is not a nice message to receive. You confused information or names and you won’t be able to get out of it. A Sugar Boy will pick up immediately that you are talking to numerous other men, which is very off-putting. (This not saying that you can’t talk to more than one man, you should just keep track of what you are saying and what information you are receiving).

5. Waiting Too Long To Reply

Even if you are a very busy businessman, you should make time to reply. Sending one text message per week shows disinterest. If you can’t commit to texting more than once a day, how do you expect a Sugar Boy to commit to you or assume that you will keep communication open in the future?

A short, “I’m busy, talk soon ;-)” is more than enough to keep your Sugar Boy waiting by the phone.

6. Getting Raunchy Too Soon

Opening conversations with what you want to do sexually to your Sugar Boy, is the wrong way to begin. Unless this is the only kind of companionship you are looking for, then I’m sure a suitable fish will bite.

If you are looking for something a bit more intimate where you can spend some time talking, you should ease your Sugar Boy into it.

Get to know them first and then you can start flirting, not only does this create mutual respect it’s much more fun when the foreplay is prolonged.

7. Bombarding Him With Demands

Certainly, there are certain rules within a Sugar relationship, but sending text messages where you list all of your rules and demands are not the way to go at it.

It’s all fair when you tell them about your expectations, but bear in mind this is not a job interview. It’s a chance to meet someone to have some fun with, someone you can mentor and lead.

Keep the interest of a Sugar Boy by asking what they also expect from the companionship. State your expectations without sounding like you have a set of rules that can’t be bend and should be adhered to.

Always remember that texting has a huge impact on how someone perceives you, especially if you haven’t met yet. Put some effort and thought into a message before you press ‘send’.

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